the Business Structures You Must Know
There are seven main major business structures. Different models are necessitated by the fact that businesses will not thrive by use of the same model. There is a variation as pertains to rules in a particular business. Read on to know the different models.
The first one is sole proprietorship. The ownership of this type is a single person. The starting of this type of business is easy but the owner bears all the risks. Still, there is no selling of shares of the firm in the firm by the sole proprietor but consider this company.
General partnerships is the next category. The main difference between this category and a sole proprietor is that this one has several partners. All partners share the profits and losses. Decision making may be hard if there are too many partners. One of the pitfalls to avoid in these is starting a business without a formal agreement.
There is another category called the Limited Liability Partnership. To set up this type of partnership, there is some paperwork and legal fees that are required but check this service. Other partners are free to join later and the liability is limited. All the partners will share in the debts and profits. Also all legal liabilities are thus shared.
The other category is the one referred to as the corporations. The owners of this one are the ones who own shares in the company. The shareholders will decide the running of the company. The profits are shared according to the number of shares each individual has. Raising capital is easy since it only requires selling of shares. Also, banks will willingly give loans to corporations. Also, there is no personal liability in regard to corporations. It is extremely hard for decisions to be made in corporations. Still, corporations will pay more in legal fees as well as in taxes.
The S Corporations is the other category. These are not the same as we know standard corporations. All loses and tax deductions are passed to the shareholders. The maximum number of shareholders is 100 but read more now. However, there is a very high degree of protection that the shareholders will enjoy.
The other category is the Limited Liability Companies but learn more. The business structure in this one is recent. Aspects of partnerships and corporations are merged in them. The owners pay income taxes on their profits.
However, the owners have a level of protection. This happens to be the best for the high risk businesses but read more.
A Co-Op is the other type of structure but learn more. The ones who run this one are members of a cooperative society. They mainly provide services to the members but see website.

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Guidelines To Assist One Pass The GED Exam

Each year, there are several students who graduate from high school. It is good to note that in the modern days, the economy has become competitive and high school diplomas are no longer used by the employers. You need to know that there are some people who were unable to complete their high school studies due to many reasons. Upon completing high school studies, it is crucial for individuals to know that there is an alternative. GED is the alternative. We need to inform the individuals that GED is a test which is given by the government. To prove that you have completed the high school level education, it is good to note that you must do the GED test. Some tips need to be considered which will enable one to pass the GED test.

Be aware of the areas that you will be tested. Usually, GED test aims at ensuring that you are proficient in primary education as a high school senior. You need to know that for this to be proved, there is a need for you to be tested on writing, reading, science as well as math. You can always tailor on some of the subjects that you think are difficult for you before sitting for the GED text. Get GED prep books when preparing for a GED test. An individual will get the ideas of the things to be tested if he uses these tools. Assistance will be required by various people so that they can get prepared for the GED test.

You need to know that you can always take the GED prep classes where you will be assisted in various subjects. Ensure that you get practice tests to take which will prepare you for the GED test. The tests can be obtained from the test purchases as well as GED prep books. You should never give up no matter how many tests you have failed. It is a good thing to continue trying. With the road of GED, individuals need to know that it is hard. However, if you pass the exam, you will be issued with something which you will never lose.

A high school diploma replacement can always be given if it is lost. You need to get it in mind that a new day usually provide new opportunities. With this, the results of today cannot be indicated by the failures of today. Passing the GED exam does not require one to study all night. One is required to rest so that he can get to remember all that he has learned.

Studying should be done a few weeks before starting the exam. With this, it means that one will be ready for the exam. With these tips, individuals need to know that they can always pass the GED exam which will enable them to secure a job.