Selling to a property investor: The pros and cons

The positive points

No need for repairs

An investor will want to make the most amount of profit from the property as possible, so they will already have a budget for renovation and decorating costs. They will usually take your property as it is, meaning that you can just walk away without the hassle of making the home look as presentable as possible for potential buyers.

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One massive positive of selling to an investor is that they can purchase the property very, very quickly. If they do not need to perform checks, have conveyancing costs and do not have financing to worry about, then they can even have the money to you in just a week. The Money Advice Service has a useful article on this point,

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Take away the hassle of viewings

Once the investor has agreed to buy your property, that is it. You do not need to go through the monumental task of having the entire property deep-cleaned, redecorated and ‘dressed’ in order to show how nice the house can be to prospective buyers.

The negative points

Below market value

There is a price to how quickly an investor can buy your property – the investor will offer you well below market value. For some, this is not much of an issue, they may need the money quickly, but for most, this is too much of a sacrifice.

The risk of being scammed

Unfortunately, some investment companies scam homeowners out of money. As this method of house sale is not regulated, the sellers are not protected if the company they are selling to change the particulars of the deal at the last minute. It has been reported that sellers have been offered a second, much lower price for their home at the last minute and that the property was valued at a much lower price initially. This factor alone makes conveyancing costs seem worth the cash!

If you have decided that selling to an investor is not the way you wish to go, then companies such as can help you to understand how conveyancing works.
Whichever method you choose, make sure that you do your research and be clear on your expectations.