What is Lewis Hamilton’s training regime?

It might look easy but being crowned a five-times F1 world champion takes blood, sweat, and tears, along with a training regime that would make most of us head for the hills. Let’s take a look at the regime that has made Lewis Hamilton the powerhouse he is today.

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Heart-stopping action

It is no wonder that Hamilton is in such good condition, as F1 is a physical activity that can see the heart rate reach 190 beats per minute in extreme conditions. Today’s elite drivers – many of whom can be seen from the F1 Paddock Club Monaco – are serious about not just their heart health but also their general health.

A healthy plate

Hamilton sticks to a healthy protein-rich and low-carb diet and confesses to not having a huge appetite. Fizzy drinks are an absolute no-no.

Rich pickings

Those who like the high life can find out more about the F1 Paddock Club in Monaco for that extra bit of luxury. Hamilton is the crème de la crème – he is the richest sports star in the UK, worth an astonishing £68m.

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No pain, no gain

Interestingly, people don’t often consider F1 drivers to be athletes; however, this is exactly what they are. The training is intense, with many demands on the body; for example, braking and driving around a corner create G-forces of up to 6G, which is greater than a re-entering space shuttle. The neck muscles are pivotal in this. In his early career, Hamilton would wear his helmet – weighing in at 10kg – as much as he could to build up these muscles.

All part of the package

It might not strictly be seen as part of a healthy lifestyle, but his faith is important to him and he keeps his mental, emotional and spiritual health in good form. A devout Christian, Hamilton recently said: “I’ve come from nowhere. I feel really blessed to be here. I think there’s a reason I’m here.”

The future

Hamilton is indeed a sporting great but has admitted in the past that it is a long year. Passionate about music, he has written his own songs and is keen to develop this passion. Who knows – he may become a singing post-F1 superstar when he retires from the sport!