Finer Solutions on the Gambling Processes

We offer you the six most common misconceptions regarding sports betting. Remember these tips for the future to become more successful in sports betting. Year after year, the players who make bets before the start of the season are full of confidence, and they pump in the season at a loss. Why it happens?

  • Football is the most popular betting sport. Every week more than $ 1 billion bets are made on football.
  • Football is the most popular betting sport in many respects because it is widely covered on TV. Almost every major game is shown and repeated, so the viewer can see the most valuable players of the teams in action. The Pay Per Head Bookie makes you aware of it.


  • Print media is also full of information and statistics about football matches.

Many media outlets even have their own forecasters. All this information allows players to form an opinion about the outcomes of future games. Many players follow the advice of their favorite commentators, others prefer expert opinions. For people who feel that they are not well versed in football, there are instantly hordes of special services that promise 70-80% of the correct results. That is why players who play football are the biggest losers in the world.

Bookmakers love football, the season brings them the lion’s share of the profits:

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  • To win, you need to bet on the best team.
  • Statistically, bettors are more likely to bet on favorites. This is a big mistake.

First, players often match the strongest league players and teams. Professional handicapers know that everything in the league is balanced. The best player in his role in the league and the worst player do not really decide a lot.

  • If a team with weaker players is more motivated than a team with stronger players, then a sensation is possible. Moreover, the gap in the class between the teams can be compensated by handicap.
  • Handicap almost eliminates or greatly reduces the advantage of one team over another.
  • Third, by betting on an outsider, you get an important element of the strategy. In the last minutes of the game, the leading team tries not to risk and is not torn to attack. On the other hand, the losing team is trying to score to the last to avoid defeat. A player who puts on a favorite and does not take into account the last 5 minutes of the game, may face problems.
  • It is unlikely that you will find a plus bettor who does not bet on an outsider.

The Other Myth

  • “The Contract” is the prejudice of inexperienced bettors. Anyway, suspicions of fake matches appear even on the pages of respected publications.
  • To organize a contract match, you must have a large sum of money, as well as enlist the support of players. In the major leagues, match-fixing does not exist.